The main purpose of this weblog currently is to keep track of development in custom content for the game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and to provide general information in a more central place, instead of posting in and watching 5+ forums simultaneously.

I started programming and creating simple “games” for fun (and for the sake of just doing it and find out what’s possible) in my early childhood in the first years of basic school. From then on I always hit some borders in what is possible to implement on a certain system, just to move on to a better platform and try again. After creating my own “rather primitive” 3d-engine and improving it further and further for over 3+ years, I found the first computer games with a possibility to create some sort of custom content for them and started to implement my imaginations this way. To the TES rpg series and community I came through TES III: Morrowind, the first game I started “extensive modding” on after Duke Nukem 3d and Quake, and I also became a fan of fantasy role play games by this, and currently I’m continuing this work with TES IV: Oblivion.

Recently I started releasing the first of my creations which has ever seen the light of the open public on request of some players and modders from the community interested in what I showed off in screenshots, and there’s yet more to come.

On these pages any modder, player or otherwise interested person can keep track of my documented development, read general information about my projects and planned future improvements, as well as discuss important things I should keep in mind and requests for further ideas. This will be the central platform to all file releases and related documentation in texts and pictures.