Drake the Dragon

This is the story of Drake the Dragon, a dragon character from my imagination, started by a strange dream about 5 years ago and since then continued in my mind every night.

I’m not a professional story writer, but I began to forget things of the beginnings already so I lately decided to write it down before the first year of content is lost. I’m regularly getting inspired by whatever I read or watch or hear, the main control over the content have my dreams at night, so if there are coincidences of actions, names, or other facts with other works open to the public, they’re definitely not on purpose but just coincidences. For example “Drake” as the name for this dragon was in my mind quite some time before I first watched the movie “Dragon Heart 2”. I was surprised to find it in there.

I’ve only lately started writing it down, just so that nothing gets lost for good, and due to limited free time currently I can’t guarantee regular continuation. However, there might be people interested in Drake and his adventures on Ancient Earth in times long before history, since they first heard of it in one of my WIP threads on modding forums, so this is for you. I’m also trying to realize the race he is of and whatever else of these stories I can realize in Oblivion modding, so here’s where all the information comes from, in the same chronological order in which I perceived the dreams/ideas. I’m trying to make it entertaining to read. Actually it was created in pictures and sounds, imagination was everything, so I have to convert it into written form as good as I can. Keep in mind though, I’m not a professional writer! There won’t be professional formatting, layout or else, just the story.

Anyways, here it starts. I hope some people will enjoy it.


0.1. The End Of The Feral Age

Chapter 1: Interruptions

1.1. The Hesitant Informant

1.2. The Fight He Didn’t Want

1.3. Treatment And The First Spell

1.4. The High Council Of Magic

1.5. Alarming Accident At The Council Halls

1.6. The Battle For The Medallion Of Loss

Chapter 2: Mission Chingorn

2.1. Back To Duty

2.2. Long Journey To Goron

2.3. Regular Foes And New Allies

2.4. Things Are Not Going According To Plan

2.5. Well Prepared Is Half Won

2.6. Distraction And Escape

2.7. Chingorn’s Arrest

Chapter 3: Trapped In The Wrong Shape

3.1. Unusual Way To Travel

3.2. Something’s Not Right

3.3. The Poison Within You

3.4. Last Dragon Lord

Chapter 4: In Search Of Liberation

4.1. Assassination Attempt In The Capitol?

4.2. Accompanying The Stranger

4.3. A Real Weakness Of Dragons

4.4. Each On Their Own

4.5. The Last Archivist

4.6. Final Destination Fortress Of Light

4.7. The Key Is The Key

Chapter 5: To Bring Back Times Long Lost

5.1. How To Find What Doesn’t Want To Be Found?

5.2. The Tribunal And The Truth

5.3. Return Of The Order Of Light

5.4. A Terrible Mistake

5.5. Surrendered By A Friend

Chapter 6: The Dark Mage

…to be continued…

19 thoughts on “Drake the Dragon

  1. Drake the Dragon Post author

    I’m sorry, Serrietth, your comment must’ve slipped under my radar somehow. Must’ve been because of all the trackback-spam in my inbox on a daily basis. I only found it today.

    This website is very well still used, as any other place I was used to regularly post at. But as with these other places as well, there simply hasn’t been anything new to post anywhere up to now. The sub-chapters published here are the same as anywhere else, and I try to keep all my hosts at the same level.

    There hasn’t been much progress, or any at all, for years now, due to a massive lack of free time. All my hobby projects are suspended until further notice, and I don’t even get enough time for further notice anymore lately.

    If there ever will be a case of discrepancy between stories posted here and elsewhere, you’re likely to find the most up-to-date publications over at my deviantArt gallery (http://drakethedragon-1980.deviantart.com/). But like I said, it’s unlikely to ever happen.

  2. Serrietth

    I apologize for the bother on a site that may or may not be used anymore, but reminissience (sic) has struck me, and I found myself thinking on the story you were writing oh so long ago. I was curious as to whether or not you have made any progress since my last comment ages ago, and if so, where I could find it to read. Tha nk you kindly if you get this, sir.

  3. Lizardmen

    Спасибо за полезные ссылки. По ним я нашел кое что еще что меня заинтересовало. Однако египетская одежда(или броня)все же самая лучшая. Надеюсь вам все же повезет найти файлы что меня интересуют. Буду ожидать с нетерпением. Огромное спасибо за ваши усилия.

  4. Drake the Dragon Post author

    I got you right the first time already. You’re interested in the equipment worn in the Comparison screenshot for the three color schemes.

    The left-most armor, the egyptian one, was made of pieces from this mod (http://www.slofslair.co.uk/index.php?page=modarticle&modarticle/id=5zvukxph72l). I rearranged some, remixed them and adapted others for use by my dragons, but basically it’s the same assets. In general I’m using a lot of the stuff you can find on Lady Slof’s website. You’ll definitely find some other assets of interest to you there as well.

    The equipment the Black Dragon in the middle is wearing is totally custom-made but from existing assets mostly. The irons were created by someone else, I only reshaped, resized and refitted them to my needs. The base of these can be found in Lady Slof’s collection as well by the way. It’s from the Multi-Rings & Bracelets mod (http://www.slofslair.co.uk/index.php?page=modarticle&modarticle/id=5p6opo9u3uo). But as you can see, there’s only wrist irons in this mod, the others I reshaped myself. The restraints for the arm- and tail-blades I created from scratch.

    I told you I’ll try to upload them somewhere. But it might take some time. The first bad news is, I can’t find these on my work drive, they must be on the storage drive. I’m hesitant to plug this one on again before I have a replacement though, as it’s close to dying and I risk loosing all my files and creations when that happens. I’m still trying though.

    Well, I myself don’t intend to convert this to Skyrim, at least not for the time being. That game doesn’t really suit my tastes. I’m not interested in playing it. I’ve seen enough of it when I played it with my brother on his XBox-360. If the existance of Argonians was a cause for its non-existance though, there won’t be a version of my race for Oblivion either, as this one, too, includes Argonians. I’m all open for other people intending to try to convert it to Skyrim in place of me though. I already got some asking for permission to do so even. So we’ll see.

  5. Lizardmen

    Вот незадача. В первом посте я по невнимательности допустил повторение предложения. Не сочтите это за назойливость. Это просто моя ошибка текста. Ваш сайт был и есть единственная возможность связаться с вами за все это время учитывая вышеуказанные проблемы с регистрацией. Путешествуя по просторам инернета в поисках каких либо похожих работ наткнулся на этот сайт. Я был очень рад этому. Если позволите я задам нескромный вопрос. Планируется что либо подобное на Skyrim? Я понимаю что имеющиеся там аргониане и так похожи на драконов, но все же?

  6. Lizardmen

    Попробую уточнить что же меня заинтересовало. По этой ссылке(http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/30094) можно видеть скриншот на котором изображены представители вашей драконоподобной расы. Надеюсь, не попрошу слишком много если скажу что интересует все то, что на них одето на снимке. На первом персонаже слева одета весьма интересная одежда На втором персонаже, судя по всему, специальная броня. Самый выделяющийся элемент это как раз что то подобное наручникам, но на самом деле, судя по снимку, является броней защищающий шипы на руках. Если присмотреться, то можно заметить и броню располагающуюся на хвосте. Надеюсь, не попрошу слишком много если скажу что интересует все то, что на них одето на снимке. Можете не беспокоится и смело заливать(при условии что вам это будет не трудно)на TesNexus. У меня найдутся друзья которые мне помогут со скачиванием. Напоследок мне интересно, будет ли и дальше развиваться эта ваша модификация на игру? С уважением к вам Lizardmen.
    P. S Это самая лучшая работа на нестандартные расы для Oblivion.

  7. Drake the Dragon Post author

    I figured as much, Lizardmen. Let’s see if I can’t get the irons and restraints stuff you’re interested in uploaded somewhere privately for you. If I’m lucky, it’ll be on the work drive for development still. The drive I’m storing the finished stuff on is currently inaccessible, it’s on the verge of dying, I’m afraid. As the set displayed doesn’t include any “shoes” though, are there any shoes in particular you’re interested in? I’ll need to know this so I could include them into the upload.

    Keep in mind, this “Dragorian and Dranaugh Races” mod and its expansions is not my work. It is using meshes from me, with permission and done in cooperation even, but I’ve got no control over its functions or any detailed insight into these. I can tell you though, you won’t need my mod, if you’re using this one. It should be totally stand-alone apart from the requirements it’s listing, of course.

    I don’t know why you can’t be attacked while flying, but in Oblivion there never “was” any flying to begin with, so maybe that’s why the enemies can’t “aim high”. There is no “air-borne” enemy in the whole game unless mod-added, so why should they?

    I don’t know the details about the flame breath either, but wasn’t it only smoke on lowest level? Maybe smoke, or low-level fire breath, doesn’t exactly hurt much anyways? As for the graphics issues, this sounds like some requirements are missing. Maybe it requires assets from “Midas Magic” to be installed, as the spell effect was taken from there? And coming to think of your inability to download from Nexus, I think you even fell victim to an outdated version of the “Dragorian and Dranaugh Races” hosted elsewhere. v1.8, with most bugs fixed, is only available at the Nexus from what I can see.

    Drake’s Anthro-Dragon Race v0.0.8 pre-beta is the latest release so far and does not require any previous versions installed, especially not previous versions installed after newer versions, as this would mean a revert and undoing of fixes. I currently can’t check the FormID you gave me and find out which script is causing the error or warning in console, but make sure you’re also using a recent release of the Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) my scripts depend on, at least v20 or above.

    My blog is using an existing theme and I don’t exactly know how I could easily change the text color or increase the contrast. It doesn’t look too dark for me, but it also depends on monitor brightness and such. You could highlight the text you want to read though, inverting the colors, if it helps.

  8. Lizardmen

    Вообще, по вашим работам для игры Oblivion у меня есть замечания. К примеру. Когда герой летит(Dragorian and Dranaugh races) то все противники что находятся на земле никак не могут мне навредить. Стрелы падают через метр после выстрела, а заклинания брошенные в героя непролетают даже пару сантиметров. В общем, в полете, герой своеобразно неуязвим. Так и должно быть? Это нельзя никак исправить? Ведь даже находясь в полете, герой, по идее, должен получать повреждения и от заклинаний и от стрел. В прошлой версии мода Dragorian and Dranaugh поток пламени выпускаемый героем имеет странные эффекты. Во первых, он почему то никому не вредит(наверное я просто неправильно его установил) и второе текстуры пламени отсутствуют(розовые квадраты, видимо и тут я что то пропустил). В текущей версии модификации(Drakes Anthro-Dragon Race pre-beta v0_0_8-30094 и Drakes Anthro-Dragon Race pre-beta v0_0_7) присутствует оддна и таже ошибка. В разделе Spell способностей данной расы присутствует способность Dragon’s Immunity to Fire. В ней указана ссылка на скрипт которого нет в списке скриптов и поэтому она отображается именно так:[01004C58] . В конечном итоге есть пожелание для этого сайта. Фон слишком темный чтобы можно было нормально читать сообщения. Огромная просьба сделать кнопку чтобы можно было менять фон с темного на светлый, или же как то изменить текущий для лучшего восприятия. Огромное спасибо вам за ваши работы.

  9. Lizardmen

    Огромное спасибо что вы отозвались. Я давно использую вашу модификацию на игру Oblivion. Нет, к сожалению то что находится на вашем сайте не подходит. Огромная просьба, если вы все же выберете время чтобы найти файлы что я ищу то буду весьма признателен вам. Если не получится по каким либо причинам то хотя бы дайте знать чтобы зря не надеятся. Напомню, меня интересуют как вы правильно догадались металлические наручники и специальная обувь на те ноги что присутствуют в вашей работе. К великому моему сожалению мне нет возможности зарегистрироватся на Tes Nexsus. Тот сайт не принимает никакие почтовые ящики что я указываю в регистрации(mail.ru и яндекс). Спасибо за выделенное на меня ваше драгоценное время. Ваш почитатель.

  10. Drake the Dragon Post author

    I’m sorry it took me that long to answer, Lizardmen. I’m not checking this site as regularly for new comments as other places, simply due to the inactivity in the comments around here, apart from a lot of spam.

    I used Google Translate to get a grasp of what you were asking, as I can’t read your language at all:

    Sorry if properly chosen topic. Since the my knowledge of English is poor, I will write as it is. Drake the Dragon I saw your update on Oblivion and saw your race that you created there. The screenshots have shown that they are wearing special armor (http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/30094) first look at the screenshot on the left (gold and black dragons). On the black dragon is special for its kind anatomical armor. I am desperate to find such for their years. If you’re somewhere lecturing on another site such armor, please, if you know where you can download, point link. Advance very grateful. If I have broken a lot of rules you can delete my account. Sorry to bother you.

    Asking valid questions is not bothering, at all, and you have not broken any rules. I don’t think I have any in place to begin with.

    So you’re interested in the irons the Black Dragon is wearing in the color scheme comparison image? I’m afraid it’s a copy&paste patchwork of the work of other modders combined with some self-made assets of mine. It doesn’t exist as a complete set available for download anywhere I know.

    I may be able to share it privately though, but it will only be the version fitting my dragons, only for males, and only working with a specific Robert’s Male body version. And it will take some time to package its files for use by others.

    If it’s about adapted armor in general, I’m afraid there isn’t much available. But all there is available already is hosted on my download site at the Nexus, right where you got the main mod from.

    I hope it helps.

  11. Lizardmen

    Извините если неправильно выбрал тему. По скольку мои знания английского языка оставляют желать лучшего я напишу как есть. Drake the Dragon я видел твои модификации на Oblivion и видел твои расы что ты там создал. На скриншотах было показано что на них одета специальная броня( http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/30094) смотреть на скриншот первый слева(золотой и черный драконы). На черном драконе находится специальная для его вида анатомическая броня. Я уже отчаялся найти подобную для своего гг. Если ты где то выкладывал на другом сайте такую броню, то пожалуйста, если знаешь где ее можно скачать, укажи ссылку. Заранее премного благодарен. Если я нарушил уже кучу правил то можете удалить мой аккаунт. Извините за беспокойство.

  12. Drake the Dragon Post author

    A book involving some of my content? But there isn’t a lot of content present here at all to begin with. You don’t even know enough about Drake, yet, up to now.
    Nevertheless, I don’t see any cause for not allowing it. Feel free to do so. I’m interested in the result.
    But considering the little you got to know about Drake, his kind or the plot even at this point, we’ll have to see if it really will be Drake then or just a random dragon with his name.
    Not that it matters in any way to you though. Good luck with your writing!

  13. Azalius Of Longcliff

    I’m writing a book, if I get that far, that involves some of your content. May I write it, and perhaps, have Drake be in a chapter?

  14. Drake the Dragon Post author

    Thank you. Well, there might very well be relations to other existing things. I can’t tell how my mind works after all. In dreams it started, then I consciously took over, trying to think of continuations, then I started being able to control what I dream of, and then the whole thing started working on its own. Now it’s like interactively being part of the story, I have some say over what will happen, my ideas influence the action, and it’s like I “am” Drake.

    I won’t deny my mind’s certainly using things I heard of or saw the last days as inspiration for next upcoming events. I realized several similarities in the continuations as of late to certain movies I watched some days ago… but it’s only used to base story elements on, like “what adventure could the little dragon get into today? ah, how about the inhabitants of the lost city of dragons, Drakia, accidently stumbling across ancient means to make the whole city fly, always intended to but never used in its history, yet?”. Of course that must be coming from me watching too much Stargate Atlantis back then, no doubt! But it’s all the more entertaining when events in my surrounding or things I see or hear of during day start influencing the development of the story… it’s pretty much never-ending, anyways, and sometimes even I don’t know what will happen next.

    I hope to post at least a few more (sub-)chapters soon, but can’t tell if my limited free time will provide enough opportunity for me to do so in the near future. I apologize for all the delays to all those waiting desperately for it to continue… as is the same for my modding projects. Hang on, it “will” go on.

  15. Serrietth

    Intriguing story. I’m very interested in seeing it progress, as you have information in there that I’ve heard of but never really done the research to confirm a source. From dreams, you say? Scratch intriguing. It’s beyond intriguing.

  16. Draco

    Strange I do the same thing although I’ve never posted or said it aloud to anyone I imagined a half-dragon guy in a dream once named Draco (never before seen Dragon Heart till i wrote a short story and my teacher told of the movie) but I do the same thing I add to the plot whenever I have the time or am daydreaming i think its gotten pretty advanced to keep track of in my head, cause I don’t write it down. Just felt like saying this, because it was similar to what you posted above.

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