Oblivion Mods

This is the place I’m collecting all my projects in Oblivion modding.

I was always using existing games and their ability to become “modded” to try and make my visions real. Unfortunately this usually ended up with hitting the respective engines’ limitations and dropping the project sooner or later. Thus I started writing my own 3D-Engine a long while ago, and it wasn’t really that bad, but I had to refrain from this as well as studying at university became too taxing to be able to continue it seriously. It wasn’t up to par with current latest technology either anyways, so it wasn’t that a great loss.

Some years ago I stumbled across The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and immediately fell in love with the easy way to completely mod it up to my own intentions. Granted, it had its limitations as well, but this time there were still ways to work around it somehow at least.
At last there came The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the sequel in the great series I fell in love with so quickly, and while it again has some limitations, actually far more than Morrowind had, it also provides a hell of a lot of new possibilities for things which previously weren’t possible in Morrowind. Also don’t forget it’s using way more advanced up-to-date technology in graphics either.

Thanks to the great modding community constantly improving even the basic ways to mod themselves, Oblivion now has become my platform of choice to realize more and more of my visions.

So here you will find pages describing all my current projects, already released or still in work. But please bear with me when it might not contain every projects you know of from other sources already. I’m distributing my limited free time with huge priorities towards actual modding rather than to documenting this here.

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  1. RakeraTheDragon

    hmm itd be awesome if like we cud create a spell which like turns the character into like say The avatar of Akatosh or like Mehrunes Dagon or such. Like a great Shapeshifting mod.

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