New Release Argonian Beautification v2.6

Another intermediate update, no bugfixes but a lot of added content.

Argonian Beautification now also supports Exnem’s bodies and HGEC bodies. The meshes and textures created therefore should be fitting all available body type options.

Creating fitting textures for Exnem’s UVs, which are similar to the UVs of HGEC so they can use the same textures, wasn’t that easy, but finally I got a result that pleases me. There are some issues with texture seams, as it wasn’t easy to get the texture at the borders of the UVs fitting their appropriate counterparts, and also some body parts don’t use Exnem’s texture at all. But the original argonian texture which came with Exnem’s had similar texture seams anyways.

Here’s a picture showing the differences between Exnem’s and HGEC’s texture maps (orange and red grids) and the difficulties in getting a texture fitting both:
Exnem and HGEC texture maps

Additionally I seperated the large 40 megs archive into much smaller individual archives for each supported body. They are downloaded much faster, take up way less space on your drive, and you won’t have tons of meshes and textures for body mods you don’t use yourself anyways just cluttering your data folder. I recommend cleaning your data folder from all the unnecessary files from previous releases before installing the two archives for your individual body mods (deactivating your previous OMOD is the most simple and clean way to achieve that). Remember, only download the two seperate archives for your appropriate body mods. The larger complete one (or its two parts on PES) is redundant now and will get removed soon.

download from TES Nexus
download from Planet Elder Scrolls

4 thoughts on “New Release Argonian Beautification v2.6

  1. Drake the Dragon Post author

    “Wall of text”… sounds familiar. I’m always writing too much and am regularly told so.
    English isn’t my native language either, maybe “guy” is fine for this purpose, it’s just my translation of “disturbing” was a very harsh word and in combination it sounded quite offensive to AlienSlof… maybe I’m a little over-defensive with people I’m looking up to and Slof got a hell of a lot of offense thrown her way already due to the style of her work… sure, they can defend themselves and don’t need any defense from my side, but still on my own websites or download locations’ comments I will not tolerate them being attacked! It might be almost impossible to offend or even hurt “me” only by writing bullshit somewhere online, but mess with those dear to me and you’re getting trouble with an angry dragon!

    No offense taken, and there’s no need to apologize, never to me, but especially with written text online you’re always getting misinterpreted when not being overly careful what you’re writing. Usually I’m in the position to always know exactly what one side was meaning but at the same time also knowing exactly how the other side was misunderstanding it, and so I can usually help subsiding such flame wars very quickly, but when it comes to others being attacked I’m often over-reacting myself. I’m sorry.

    HGEC is the most-modded-for female body today and although I don’t like it for the way its texture maps are designed (it’s a nightmare to create seamless skin textures for the bodies of the Exnem family, there’s not 1 single straight or otherwise matching borderline!) I will still keep this in mind when adding support for other bodies than my personal preferences to any of my mods. I don’t know all the mods for it, but I doubt there’s only skimpy clothing. At least the Vanilla items should have rather “accurate” conversions to this body as well.

    Also there’s nothing bad in nudity or skimpyness. It just gets a little unrealistic to see only skimpily-clad women running around in a medieval world, calling the little cloth pieces they’re wearing “armor” and expecting to even survive the first fight! Plus, no underwear at all beneath a set of rusty old scratchy iron armor?… yeah, sure…

    Not using my race yet might even be the better idea, actually. After all it’s still just a test-release. It wasn’t even intended to be released that early on in development… but I had no choice back then. It was either releasing all I had immediately or loosing all of it at once. I’m just glad many people enjoy using it already although it’s still far from “done”!

    A belated Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you, too!

  2. IttybittyPiggy

    Woaw! Thought mine was a wall of text! I happened to know “That guy” was a lady beforehand, and mostly what disturbs me are the piercings, not the nudity. Alas, English is not my native language, I thought it was fine to call a person of any gender “A guy” as in my country the closest free translation – into English – the unisex slang word I was looking for describing a person would be “it(s)”… No harm intended. Sorry to say but you’ve assumed a bit too much of my character by my simple message <:I But! I must most deeply apologize. I shall try to hone my writing further to accurately explain everything so such misunderstandings shall not surface.

    And yes I know the neck part must be the worst part to try to texture (dabbled in modding myself) since the meshes are indeed separate. There's no real fix without maybe using some kind of 3d texture paint-on program.

    And yes indeed I meant jdayT' Better Argonian Feet (glad you caught that, I simply have a terrible memory and such things as titles and names tend sometimes to mess up after a while) Really glad for this answer since I'm using your AB mod now with HGEC which was the last most upgraded version of the original replacer by Exnem, I'll have to wait for the scripted feet or upgrade further to Robert's replacers if I want those awesome clothes to work.

    But I really don't wanna upgrade :9 modding Oblivion can get very painful very fast. I think I'm just gonna stick with HGEC. Shame there isn't much else than those skimpy armor's though (started using HGEC as the Vanilla versions underwear is just so horrid to see when ya unequip something) . . .(And I'm a man :p)
    I'm not really into this skimpy armor business though. If they make armors that fit the body size fine but if they don't actually cover much anything it might be sassy but kinda silly… In a bad way (for me).
    I've actually seen your dragon race but I'm currently trying to keep Oblivion as Elder Scrolls as I can so no custom races for piggeh! 🙁
    Thanks for the quick reply and a happy christmas + new year!

  3. Drake the Dragon Post author

    Slof’s Oblivion Better Beasts is found directly in the Oblivion Mods section here:
    That “guy” is a “lady” and a very talented artist! I’m a male myself, but I can’t stand this weird one-sided thinking. When guys want to have their female NPCs/chars fighting in skimpy lingery, with breasts big as melons, and the sensual areas modelled and textured as detailed as possible, that’s just normal… but when a girl wants to have some manhood and hot clothing on her male NPCs/chars, that’s “disturbing”?! I don’t think so.

    JdayT’s 4shared account apparently doesn’t exist anymore. I’m already hosting his ArgonianFeets mod in the “Miscellaneous” section from the Argonian Beautification files at TES Nexus due to this.

    The neck seam is a very sensible topic and hard to fix. The head even using a totally different material than the rest of the body just makes things worse. The additional files for skin tinting and coloration (“.EGT”) also differ extremely and not even around the borders their settings do match. So even if you had perfectly aligning textures, which even with Robert’s bodies is quite hard to get because you have to align a straight border from the face texture to a rounded border in the body texture, other body mods are yet worse, the seam would still persist due to all the other differences.
    But the sad truth is I can’t even try to do anything against it, because my laptop died several months ago and I didn’t yet get around to buy a new pc. Only working day and night doesn’t help to the matter either, of course.

    If by “the better legs” you mean the Argonian Feet (from either jdayT’s plugin or my Scripted Argonian Feet), with jdayT’s plugin and the replacement files from AB (each package contains meshes adapted to fit the specific body/body mod it’s designed for) they do. Unfortunately my SAF doesn’t yet support other bodies than Robert’s Male, TFF and Robert’s Female (last one only body parts for now, no adapted clothing or armor for this body at all yet). I was going to add modular packages with body parts and later adapted clothing/armor meshes, but when my laptop died (and thus my modding projects were officially “suspended until further notice”) this ended quite quickly.

    To show off how inactive I actually was the last months, this is the entry for AB v2.6… the latest releases I did before my laptop died though are at v3.0 already, which got quite some massive changes in many regards. But I couldn’t even finish the series of updates for v3.0 completely, so some packages are still of older versions and the incomplete v3.0 ones (OMOD-ready’ness is still missing) are only available in files hosted seperately, alongside the main files.
    I don’t even get enough free time to keep this website up-to-date currently. Which really hurts!

    If you’re a sucker for “dragons” though… have you already heard of my Anthro-Dragon Race WIP? Its dedicated page here is still in Drafts and this won’t change anytime soon I’m afraid, but due to my laptop dieing back then it was either releasing all I had (as incomplete as it might be) or possibly loosing all of it. That’s why there’s a Drake’s Anthro-Dragon Race WIP pre-beta releases entry at TES Nexus now.

  4. IttybittyPiggy

    Can’t find the better beasts mod anywhere on slof’s site, that guy has some weird and disturbing stuff there.. jdayT’s links does not work either. 🙁
    suggestions: Direct download link? Including their mods in this pack (with permission?) Could you upload your own for us to download maybe?
    Also would it be possible to fix the neck area texture a bit to match with the better face textures? I started the game with my Argonian character and I just. Can’t. But help noticing the horrible neck seam. The last thing on my mind – do the better legs work with HGEC? (As I haven’t downloaded them I can’t but wonder) ;D
    I think otherwise that this is one of the greatest mods Oblivion will receive :3
    I’m a sucker for dragons..

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