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1.2. The Fight He Didn’t Want

Shazri Trolls weren’t really the smartest of their kind, but they were fierce fighters and deadly when in rage. Due to their dark nature and tendency towards major crimes troll kind in general was tolerated rather than welcomed in the Realm of Magic, but there were some who really tried to become valued members of the society. The realm and its protectors, especially the Council’s Guard, provided safety for everyone in the most unstable and insecure times. That’s why most trolls tried to obey the laws, so they won’t get into trouble and risk exile. The world outside, even when you left into the right direction away from the Realm of Darkness in the North, wasn’t really welcoming creatures of magical origin. Some realms even insisted in denying their existence altogether, treating them as subjects from myths, legends or even fairy tales. But the worst of all were the small regions they weren’t known in, where people actually still believed everything unknown would be evil by nature, sent from hell or something along the line. Most magical beings or creatures related to magic fled to the Realm of Magic to finally find some peace, some safety. Those Shazris however really were a never depleting source of trouble. It was so easy to get into a fight with them. If you just happened to be of the wrong race or maintained the wrong business in their eyes, it already was enough to offend them.

With a loud noise of cracking barrels and breaking crates the Shazri crashed into a pile of empty containers for transporting food and beverage which was standing in one corner of the alley. The group witnessing the fight couldn’t believe what they just saw over the last 10 minutes. Seemingly the young Guardian never hit, not even touched their friend Throzar, but still he was already stumbling and fell to the ground several times, as if he just lost balance and dropped down, nobody could see why he did. He was feeling the pain, which didn’t help him cooling down, but his power was reducing quickly now, he was almost out of breath. “Why can’t you just stand still and fight so I can hit you?! Do you coward always have to dodge and jump away??” he shouted. “Who’s the hilarious one of us now? I told you, you won’t stand a chance against me, didn’t I? Do you really want to continue this till you faint? I beg you to stop this now, or I will have to stop it!” the young man answered, seemingly not fatigued the slightest bit, still evading hit after hit with the same ease and quickness as to the beginning of this. “You want me to stand still and receive a few hits, do you? Well, I’m getting tired of this, so I will give you what you want. Go on, hit me. I won’t dodge this time!” Throzar didn’t really believe this, but still he swung his fist towards his opponent, aiming for the chest… and hit! The stupid little boy really didn’t evade it this time! Now that fight’s over!… or so he thought. “Uh, well, that was all? Here, try the face, the face next!” was all he got as an answer. Alright, this boy seemingly was used to some fighting, but still a few well-placed hits should knock him out. Nobody can withstand a Shazri!… and again he was wrong, as all he gained by hitting the face of the Guardian was an aching fist, this boy just wasn’t collapsing yet! After the young man turned his face back towards him, licking a few drops of blood from his lips, he commented in the same calm voice as all the time: “Now that wasn’t bad. Really a good hit and quite a strong strike as well. Unfortunately it’s still not enough to bring me down, I’m afraid. But the first blood was spilled and I couldn’t keep my intentions. That’s enough now, next one I’ll strike back, so be warned.” That was enough. This filthy little bugger actually dared talking to him like that… and he didn’t even show the slightest sign of pain or anything! Who did he think he was? He’s gonna pay for that!

The troll stormed forward and swung for the stomach of his opponent, who simply stepped back a little so the strike stopped only inches before it could hit. The boy was still only playing with him, which only drove him mad more. A strike to the face passed the head a few inches away. This time his opponent didn’t even move his body at all. The next one towards the chest ended in the void, when the young man turned aside, let the strike pass in front of his chest and then quickly gripped his arm and pulled him towards the next wall, using the speed of his very own attack for this. This was intimidating! Throzar couldn’t continue like that, or his friends won’t ever talk to him again. He was almost twice the size of this little human and his strength should have been thrice or fourth the amount of his opponent, but still he couldn’t manage to hurt him seriously enough for this fight to end quickly. Something wasn’t right. The boy must have been cheating with a dirty trick of his filthy white magic! Again the Shazri jumped towards the Guardian, his fist aiming for the stomach… and again he missed by only a few inches. This time however he quickly jumped back to not receive any potential return strikes, triumphantly posed himself on the other side of the alley with an evil grin in his face and all of a sudden started laughing loudly. The young Guardian and all bystanders were puzzled for a moment. Was Throzar gone crazy? After he stopped laughing it got deadly quiet in the alley. The Guardian could even hear the others breathing… not that it was something unusual to him. What was unusual however was that strange sound he suddenly heard, seemingly coming out of nowhere. It sounded like water dripping on stone, yet there was no water in the broken barrels or anything else that could be dripping in sight. Then he felt it, a sudden pain on the left side of his stomach. When he was looking down to see what it was, the Shazri in front of him started to laugh again, but this time everybody in the alley knew why he did. “How did that happen? Why didn’t I see that coming? Am I that much out of practice already?… No, this can’t be it. I defeated Warmaster Roughlin two days ago and he was a sword fight champion, yet he didn’t come as close as this Shazri just did… Get your mind straight now, you’re still in a fight, silly!” the young Guardian was thinking while he was holding the deep bleeding wound with his hand. Throzar was licking some blood from a small dagger he was holding in his hand, obviously enjoying the taste… yet there was something unusual… he couldn’t make out the species from the blood, he never tasted this one before. It didn’t matter much though. It was the taste of his victory over this stupid little boy daring to fight with a Shazri like him. Soon he would die, even if Throzar would have to accelerate it a little.

The crowd got worried. Seeing the blood on the ground they knew it wasn’t a regular bar fight anymore. The boy was unarmed and wounded, bleeding seriously, trying to hold it back with one hand. And their friend Throzar was just about to finish him with another strike from this dagger he had hidden all the time. This was going to change from a fight into murder and they were right in the Capitol City, the safest place in the whole realm. This meant trouble, serious trouble! What if the boy really was a Guardian even? This meant the worst punishment waiting for their friend and maybe themselves even as they didn’t stop him. They shouted for Throzar to end this, to not kill the poor guy, but he didn’t listen. The troll gripped his dagger firmly in his right hand and jumped towards the boy, aiming directly for his throat. A second later a loud metallic clank was to be heard and Throzar’s attack was stopped in mid air, a good distance away from the young Guardian’s throat. The dagger was caught between two other blades of odd shapes that blocked its thrust. Looking down the Shazri realized it was a tail he was looking at, a long scaled tail with horny spikes along the spine and quite some metallic looking blades at the tip! The crowd was stunned, as was Throzar. They didn’t know what was going on anymore. Who was that boy? What was he? “We’re fighting with weapons now, are we?” the young man shouted. “Well, let me introduce you to one of my favourite weapons in my arsenal then!” and with this the tail quickly wrapped around Throzar’s arm and pulled him up into the air throwing him right over the young man and into the next wall. That hurt and the troll was quite dizzy, but still he didn’t want to give up. He pulled a second dagger out of his vest and prepared for his next attack. The Guardian however ducked down, placing all 4 limbs on the ground, the tail raised over his head in a combat stance similar to a scorpion, and opened his mouth. The next moment Throzar suddenly dropped his dagger, feeling a strong pain in his hand. When he was looking down he realized the blade was glowing and smoking! “What was that?!” he yelled. “Nothing else than another one of my favourite weapons.” the young man answered, still in the scorpion-like pose. “I didn’t want to let it come to this, but you didn’t let me any chance either. Now look at my true shape and hopefully you’ll reconsider your wish to fight with me to death!” that said the Guardian started to glow in bright white light, so bright that most of the watchers closed their eyes to not get blinded. After the glow went away again they couldn’t believe what they saw. Never before have they seen a creature like this. The whole body was covered in sturdy red-brown scales with a golden shine, a mighty reptilian looking head with sharp razor like teeth and two long horns coming out of its back. The long sharp claws on hands and feet really looked like natural weapons, the spikes and blades coming out of the arms were just adding to it. But the most unusual thing of it were two large, leathery wings, spread out to the sides. The spikes from the tail were now going down the whole spine from neck to tail tip and the already unusual golden eyes were now glowing really fiery, yet not showing any sign of anger or aggression. It was a strange vision. There was this creature standing in front of them, every body part provided with one or more deadly weapons to use in combat, nobody has ever seen anything like this before, but still they didn’t feel even the slightest trail of fear!

“If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m a dragon!… Don’t tell me we don’t exist, as we obviously do. We are no fairy tales or imaginations either, we are real. You can believe your eyes, if you don’t want to believe my words. And I am also a member of the Guardian Order, as I told you. Not only did you attack me, you also even wounded me. I didn’t want to do that, but it’s the law. In the name of the High Council and the Council’s Government I’m serving I take you under arrest. You will be brought before the court and your case will be judged, though my word alone is all the judges need to let you receive the highest punishment there is for attacking a Guardian, life-long imprisonment in one of the council’s prisons, which in your case will be quite a long time already, Shazri. I really regret it had to come that far, I still don’t want to do that, mind you, but the pain in my stomach and the blood of a dragon spilled all over this place tell me, it’s inevitable… I’m sorry,… please don’t resist further or I, not You, will regret it!”
“A dragon?! That’s impossible! You’re lying! Take that, you filthy magic user!” was all the Shazri wanted to answer to this, still not believing what he saw. He started another attack, to either slay the beast or to stop this filthy magic from working. It didn’t matter to him anymore. The dragon only shook his head, closed his eyes and waited patiently. When Throzar was about to strike with the third and last dagger in his possession, he was suddenly grabbed at his throat and pulled up into the air. The dragon was now standing on his hind legs, the wings folded in and the tail lowered down to the ground, the eyes still closed as if he didn’t want to see what was coming next. While he was bending back a little to catch the thrust with which the Shazri sprung towards him, he quickly pushed him forward throwing him right into the next wall. This time however some stones broke out of the wall, Throzar was immediately knocked out and collapsed down to the floor unconscious. At the moment this happened the dragon did the same, his eyes still closed. “I’m sorry.” was all that could be heard and a few tears were collecting in his eyes. He was lying there on the ground, blood still dripping out from under his belly scales, but didn’t move anymore. “Is he…?” one of the others started to ask. “No, he’s just unconscious… I won’t kill anybody… not if I can prevent it!” the dragon quietly answered. “But still this must have hurt. He’s surely injured now. I hate myself for my inability to prevent it… yet worse is what’s coming next.” and all of a sudden really every door or gate in range sprung open and armed soldiers stormed in, surrounding every being in sight, shouting: “In the name of the High Council, nobody moves! Drop all weapons and don’t resist. You are surrounded!”

After a few moments one of them with golden ornaments on his armour stepped forth and asked: “What’s going on here? What’s all that noise about? Was there a fight going on? Fighting on the streets within the city walls is prohibited! Why is this looking like a battlefield? And…”
“That’s my fault, Guard Captain. I’m responsible for this.” the dragon interrupted. “Who the…? Oh my god!… Guardian Drake, it’s you, isn’t it?!” the Captain asked, almost shocked when he first saw the dragon. “Well, if you know another dragon in the realm, please tell me.” Drake answered and chuckled. “No, Sir, of course I don’t! I was just… what happened here? Were you fighting? You know that’s not allowed, not even to you Guardians!… Wait, is that blood? Your blood?!” Now the Guard Captain was really getting concerned. “Well, do you see Him bleeding?” the dragon asked pointing towards Throzar, “Then it must be mine, yes… He insisted in a fight. I couldn’t prevent it. I take all responsibility for this.”
“You know that’s not going to work, Sir. He attacked you, a Guardian. Therefore his life is forfeit. No judge in the whole realm will punish you for self protection, regardless of how much you beg them for it. How about your wound? How are you, Sir?” the Captain answered. The dragon looked down to the ground and analyzed the amount of blood on the rough stones. “I’m fine, really.” he said, “It’s just a small cut. You know we don’t need that much blood to survive. The wound will close and I will recover soon. There’s no need to worry about me. I’ll just…”
“No, Sir, you won’t!” the Captain interrupted, “With all due respect, you’ll go to Master Ambrosius in the Council Chambers immediately and get your wound cared. Then the High Council is searching for you. You missed your scheduled report during this fight, Sir!… Here, take this to stop the bleeding. I know you Guardians know how to do that.” The Guard Captain reached inside his belt pouch and pulled out some bandages which he held in front of Drake, waiting for him to take them. “Hmm, thank you. They might actually really help. The High Council’s searching for me? Then I’d better report there at once. As I know you, you’ll tell Ambrosius about this right away, won’t you? So I can as well make a short stop at his workshop. I won’t get past his door anyways, when he knows about this.” the dragon said with a smirk and started shifting back into human shape while standing up and pulling his sword out of the ground. His last look went into the eyes of his troll informant, still shaking from fear, and, while leaving back towards the district gate he came in through, shouted: “Now you know how powerful I am. Consider this source of all your fears, the evil wizard Chingorn, out of business already. Farewell.”