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It’s been a while…

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote anything on my site. I was quite busy with university and job the last half year and due to mostly modding in my limited free time I didn’t get around to update this site, yet.

Well, nothing has changed yet actually, but I thought it was about time to at least show some signs of life, as more and more people registered to my site. I didn’t know my projects would attract that much interest!

Ok, so during this half year most of my projects have progressed unnoticed to this site, due to me not posting any updates.

  • Argonian Beautification reached v3.0 with the first of the released packages, for the last requested body mod on my list, Robert’s Female. All other packages but Vanilla Female are up at v2.8 with drastically improved normalmaps and slightly reorganized file structures to reduce download size. They currently undergo the process of being updated to v3.0 as well, with seperate claws on the feet and seperate spikes on the tails, which use another material and the texture from Slof’s Claws so it gets a really great reflective shine. Both the male and the female feet got a workover, the claws were sharpened, the overall vertex grid straightened out a bit and everything got rerigged to remove some issues that materialized and grew with each step of previous improvements.
  • Scripted Argonian Feet received a few more adapted items, the optional upperbody slot control got integrated into the main scripts, the scripts themself were again massively overhauled and the last known flaw that can be fixed is about to get fixed in the near future. When this all is done and all adapted items received the new feet meshes and got rerigged to them, this will be the v0.5b release then, an intermediate release for the time being till I finally fixed that last flaw, if you like. I just deem it necessary now as those rather enhanced scripts are lying around unused on my drive for this half year now as other issues always kept me from releasing them.

I also added another project to my list, my eternal WIP, the custom race my main Oblivion character, Little Dragon Drake, is of. Some might already know it, some not. This character is not originating from The Elder Scrolls nor is the race really lore friendly. After I got this boy and his story in my mind the first time I always wanted to create him in some environment, when stumbling across Oblivion and its great possibilities in modding, I simply decided to create him in there. First I was only playing a Breton, just imaginating he was a dragon in human shape, but after some time I started to actually create his race and he became more and more himself. My modding skills increased and from only copy&pasting existing items to reuse them elseway and using existing textures and resources to create my own textures, after I learned modeling in Blender, I am now also able to create my own meshes from scratch, custom skeletons to rig them to, make my own animations or alter existing ones, and all this bundled with the scripting knowledge I gained while creating and improving Scripted Argonian Feet, I was suddenly able to create a custom race with heavily scripted custom body parts and many interesting features many people already can’t wait to finally get their hands on and play with (Greetings to all fans of this project who might have stumbled upon my site!).

The picture on the right top of the first page is him. Maybe I will add a section to write down the many stories I have in mind of him (continuing in my imagination each night when I’m in bed since over 2 years now), but currently I just don’t have the time for story writing. Those who know me and have read a few of my posts about Drake in forums know how complex this story will get.

I apologize for any delays, I know they’re quite long.

For those interested I’m currently working part-time on web development in multiple projects, if you ever wondered what those widgets on my first page are, I’m always testing them here first, while in university I’m 2 exams away from my diploma thesis in applied computer sciences and not making much/any progress since half a year now… it’s quite frustrating and I’m very busy to get it all done as soon as possible… that’s what’s delaying everything I do in my free time… but hey, I too need some money to live of after all.

If you’re still interested and happen to be able to read German text or even are from Germany like myself, this is the next upcoming project I will be taking part in its development: UMTS Verfügbarkeit